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In Living Color

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Colors say a lot about people, and having certain colors in your home may give off a vibe you never even expected. If you’re curious about what the colors in your home say about you, then you’ve come to the right place.


The color of nature. Green can be described as relaxing, joyful, energized and filled with life. Painting a room green is said to give a vibe of calmness, balance, and stability. You can create various moods and use its versatility to pair it with a wide range of colors since it comes in so many shades.


The color Blue communicates significance, importance, and confidence. Considered a highly corporate color, blue is often associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Blue is also another color that gives off a calming vibe. A darker blue can offer drama in a living room or bedroom, while a lighter blue can give a tranquil feel to a bathroom or kitchen. 

Designer Tip: 

Try painting you’re ceiling blue to mimic the sky and make a room feel larger.

Picture: Erika Ward Designs


Purple can be dramatic or quiet depending on the tone or shade. It gives of a vibe of creativity and royalty. Use purple accents to make a statement in your home. Purple is associated spirituality. Purple helps align oneself with the whole of the universe. Different shades, tints, and hues of purple have different meanings. Light purple hues represent feminine energy and delicacy, as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings. Dark purple hues evoke feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration. Bright purple hues suggest riches and royalty.


One of my favorite colors to use in any home! Gray gives off a vibe of serenity, calmness, and sophistication. While some may find gray boring and depressing it can actually act as a neutral color that allows your home décor accents to pop!


Create a “down-to-earth” space with brown. Brown color represents nature and gives off an earthy richness that makes the vibe of a room feel warm and inviting. Brown evokes a sense of security. The look can be modern and elegant, especially if its designed right.

Design Tip: 

Earth tone brown furniture with a dark green walls will give off a masculine look! Mixing dark brown and cool blue evokes the feel of earth and sky.


The color of passion and romance, red can give a vibe of traditional, contemporary, or rustic depending on the shade you use. Red can add drama to a small space as a main color while a touch of it can add a pop to a plain room. This color comes in a variety of shades and is a whole lot of sexy! 

Red is assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, and aggressive. Red represents physical energy, lust, passion, and desire. It symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. The color red is linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival and self-preservation.


Pink is the “It” color right now! The color pink is the color of universal love. Pink represents friendship, harmony, affection, and approachability. It is a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, pink is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. All things I love which is why it’s my favorite color. Both red and pink represent love. The color red represents heat and passion, while the color pink represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness.

Design Tip:

One of my favorite combinations to mix with pink is emerald or pastel green! This combo is highly underrated!