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How we Spent Halloween during Covid-19

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

2020 has been the worst year I've ever experienced during my 30 years of living!

I knew that this year we would have to be creative with how we celebrated the holidays, and although a lot of people were still out celebrating, we decided that we would keep our family inside and try something new. This is how we spent our Halloween 2020:

I made the Kids a Breakfast fit for Monsters!

With the help of food coloring I made the kids a breakfast menu of:

  • Rotten Eggs - Eggs with green food coloring and added spinach.

  • Zombie Brains - Homemade Waffles with blue food coloring which gave a greenish-blue hue.

  • Zombie Hearts - Sausage Patty

They really enjoyed the meal and thought it was so gross, but silly at the same time! The kitchen table was filled with giggles and laughter.

We Still got Dressed Up

The children still got to go out and pick their costumes this year. Alex chose to be the " Grim Reaper" (He wanted to be spooky this year), Liam got to be his favorite character "The Blue Power Ranger"; and Carter of course wanted to be "Chase, from Paw Patrol"! These kids take their costumes very seriously so I couldn't deprive them of that tradition! We had a fun little photoshoot outside of our house and boy did they show out!

We did Arts and Crafts

This year we made a Spooky haunted house out of popsicle sticks. It was super fun and messy (with all the glue), but we loved the end result! Alex had the cool idea of also making it into a supply holder for him to hold his supplies for virtual school!

We had a Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt Inside

I hid real and fake candy all around the house and allowed the kids to search for them in the dark with the help of flashlights! After it was all said and done we ended up playing hide and go seek in the dark (Spooky and Fun for the kiddos), I played the evil witch trying to steal their baskets of candy.

We Watched Scary Movies

We ended the night curled up on our couch in front of the TV with bowls of popcorn mixed with candy, and watched a few fun Halloween movies like "Hocus Pocus"; "The Witches"; "The Adams Family" and much more.

I felt so blessed that my children understood and welcomed the change of our traditional Halloween activities. We still had so much fun inside together!

How did you celebrate Halloween with your little ones? Comment below I want to know!