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A Letter to My Gran

Happy Birthday Gran!

Today You would have been 88 years old! I am so thankful for the time I had with you, and I am so grateful for all that you taught me consciously and subconsciously about myself. You were truly the embodiment of an angel on earth.

Everyone who knew you loved you, and felt like a part of the family whether they were or not. On any given day anyone could just pop up over your house and be welcomed in with opened arms.

You did that!

If I manage to become half of the woman you were I would be proud, but You raised me and taught me everything I needed and I feel confident moving forward that I can continue your legacy of love, kindness, and forgiveness.

Never in 100 years did I think you wouldn't be here with us anymore. Just 2 days after christmas we lost you. I can honestly say I’ve never felt a pain like this before and I still cry a little bit every time I think about you. Although you lived a long life I still feel you left us too soon, but I know God makes no mistakes.

Please continue to watch over us Gran. So many of us still need you, and kiss Uncle Sunny and Grandpa

for me!

Love You Forever,